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Women in Business Club

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Ladies, are you ready to break the income ceiling in YOUR business?


Do you feel like you are working long hours but aren’t getting the income security you were hoping for? Maybe your career/life balance is out of whack?


It’s time to stop your burn out in its tracks by smashing your income ceiling.


Girl, it’s time to create passive income streams!  


Did you know that the average millionaire has 7 different income streams, and 4 to 5 of them are passive? This means they have assets that make them money over and over again with little to no effort, and we all need these types of income streams in our business in order to grow and scale!


So, Ladies hear us out! 


Passive income is not a myth. We repeat passive income is NOT a myth! You can build your courses, sell your ebooks, and invest in stocks! 


 Let’s see in the comments how you are smashing the income ceiling! #IncomeCeilingSmashers


Let us know in the comments - How you plan to smash your income ceiling for the rest of 2020?

How many times have you started a business plan or project only to be too scared to move forward? 


Maybe the doubt of being perfect or the fear of failure prevents you from achieving your goals?


We know that it can be scary showing your vulnerability, but most entrepreneurs have said that being authentic is what helped their community fall in love with them even more! 


Nowadays people are tired of fake businesses, accounts, and even *gasp* people! 


Be the shining light in your audiences’ newsfeed by offering value and your true authentic self! It’s time to break out of your comfort zone and take on new challenges for your business!

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Live Your Passive Income Life.png

Do you want to live the passive income life? Are you unsure about where to start?


Passive income brings you the ability to travel for two weeks without stopping to pull out your laptop to work. Stop waiting for the perfect moment and time, go out and do it!


Build your passive income and serve your community. Become uncomfortable and let it flow!


If you want to read more about passive income, check out our blog on becoming a passive income queen here


Westminster Business Consultants


As we slowly start to see the world reopen, you may find that your business has legal questions or concerns regarding new COVID-19 policies, laws and its implications. Our Law department is ready to assist you with understanding these new policies with in-depth legal reports and other tailored services. 

Our Law department provides legal advise and legal research for companies, law firms and law clinics. The department specialises in Corporate, Contract, Family, Inheritance and Employment law. 

If you would like to learn more about WBC and our Law department, please visit us at

#wbcuk #legalservices #consultancy #tailoredservices #law

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Did you know that single use coffee capsules are creating more and more issues for the environment? According to John Hocevar in an article from USA Today, "Coffee pods are one of the best examples of unnecessary single-use plastics that are polluting our planet." 

It seems that every major brand has a line of single use coffee pods, and yet do not have many awareness programs on the affect of using the capsules. However there is one brand that seems to be making a clear effort and that is Nespresso. Nespresso offers customers a recycling bag which can hold up to 200 pods. This bag can then be sent back to the company free of charge. They will also begin to offer curbside drop offs at their New York City location. 

As we continue to #stayhome WBC wants to remind you that if you are drinking coffee, make the switch away from single use coffee pods. We suggest making a full pot of coffee or ordering from a local cafe. Let's continue to innovate the way we consume to decrease our harm on the environment. 

#wbcuk #Nespresso #coffeepods #singleuseplastics #saveourplanet


Westminster Business Consultants would like to extend a warm invitation to everyone interested in attending our 24th annual Handover Ceremony!


The ceremony will take place on the 22nd of November at 18:30. The evening will consist of seeing old friends and meeting new ones as we say goodbye to our outgoing management board and say hello to our incoming board. 

If you wish to attend, please follow this link to sign up! 

We look forward to seeing you in London next month! 

#wbcuk #weareje #helloandgoodbye

Handover  Ceremony.png

Bluemont Group, LLC dba Dunkin' Donuts


It’s only been a week but we are still so pumped for our Next Gen Dunkin’ at 4466 Western Ave! 🌟✨

Thank you again to all our friends at Knoxville Chamber and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett for making this day even more exciting for us! 

10 years, 34 stores, 1 Next Gen Dunkin' and 1 bakery later we are growing stronger than ever before! Without the hard work and dedication of our team, we would not be where we are today, so thank you!

History of Bluemont Group.png

Knoxville! The Next Generation Dunkin' is finally here! Celebrations begin tomorrow, Friday, May 18th at 5AM at 4466 Western Ave!

First 5 guests win 'Free Coffee for a Year'
Next 33 guests win a $100 Gift Card & DD Prize Pack
Ribbon Cutting and Check Presentation at 8AM
Appearance by VFL  Josh Dobbs at 10:30AM
Giveaways and Activities beginning at 5AM-1PM

See you tomorrow!

Further Examples can be provided if requested.
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