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5 Lessons to Live By in the Business World

Here are my top 5 lessons to live by while in the business world. These are merely a way for people to check their status and remember that kindness is truly the key to successful relationships.

1.) Education and Experience Can be the Same Thing

I’d like to say this again for the people in the back, “education and experience can be the same thing!” Even though a person may not have a formal education it doesn’t mean they are any less educated in a certain field than a Ph.D.

Undercover Boss proves my whole point.

2.) You Can Do Anything Through Networking (Seriously)

Being a people person may not be your forte, but I promise it will propel you forward. Companies, universities, and businesses can be large and scary beasts to face. However, if you know the person who feeds the beasts, you can get a bit closer than you were before.

Never burn a bridge. You never know what you may need on the other side in the future.

3.) Feedback is NOT a Personal Attack

Being in an entry level position, or the newbie, means that people are going to criticize your work. Don’t take this as a slight, but rather as feedback to turn your idea into one awesome brainstorm. Also, hope that people continue to give you feedback. If not, you may want to come down from your high horse.

Teamwork makes everyone’s dream work.

4.) Find Happiness in the Little Graces

Remember that someone is always watching your progress. Even on the days that feel like people fall short of your expectations, remind yourself that someone is proud of you and your accomplishments.

You are worthy and deserve to be happy.

5.) Respect Everyone No Matter Where They Lie on the Business Hierarchy

Respect is earned, not something you get from a degree.

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