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Top 5 European Christmas Markets

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Christmas markets are my favorite part about Europe during the winter months. From the large stands of food to visiting with friends and family, it truly embodies the spirit of Christmas. Not only do I go out of my way to visit Christmas markets, I make my family and friends do the same! Whether its a local market or a large city, you will not be disappointed.

Here are my top 5 Christmas Markets in Europe.

5: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The rides section of the Luxembourgish Christmas market
Rides at the Luxembourgish Market

Luxembourg City is one of those Christmas markets I find myself going back to each year. They have the market spread out all across the main parts of the city with areas like, a food court, an ice skating rink, and a rides/shopping area. Because the market is so expanded, it normally means that lines are shorter and there is less of a crowd in each location.

The must try dishes are Gromperekichelcher (potato pancakes) with applesauce, any sausage, and mulled wine.

4: Strasbourg, France

The Strasbourg Cathedral in the setting sun during Christmas
Strasbourg Cathedral at Sunset

Strasbourg is your typical Christmas market with beautiful stands, great food, and great Christmas lights. The main part of the market is perfectly located next to the cathedral and the river. The stands are all uniformed making it look like a Christmas village with lights connecting them together. It is a gorgeous place for Christmas market Instagram pictures.

Pretzels, French pizza, sausages, and any French dessert are a must try in Strasbourg.

3: Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Belfast City Hall decorated for the market
Belfast City Hall

Belfast has a great Christmas market located in the gardens of the City Hall. It is small, which means it can get crowded quickly but it has so much life to it. They have a Santa Hut where you can meet the man himself and tons of food stands. This market has the largest selection of food stands like, seafood, Mexican, burgers, sausages, and desserts that I have seen at a Christmas market, and it is all compacted into a little area.

Taste any of these foods and you will not go wrong, but the best thing I had was a half baked cookie that was covered with milk chocolate sauce (yes, I went back a day later for more).

A wonderful cookie with chocolate on top!
Heaven in a Bowl

2: Budapest, Hungary

One of the food stands at the Budapest market
Food Stand at the Budapest Market

Hands down, Budapest has the best food of any Christmas market (that I have eaten at). The market itself is small and really only consists of food stands, making it great for food lovers.

The smell coming from the stands is mouth watering and out of the 3 days I was there, I ate at the market 3 times. The must try dishes are the paprika chicken, paprika sausage, and smoked ham.

Food Lovers will not be disappointed.

1: Trier, Germany

Traditional stands in Germany
Traditional German Stands

Trier is my number 1 Christmas market because of how large and traditional the market is, plus the food is super delicious. The food is typical German, but they even offer French and American classics.

The best part is walking past all the uniquely designed stands and seeing what they have to sell. Plus, the church in Trier is the home to the cloth Jesus wore during his time in the tomb and; therefore, the church is another great historical sight to see while at the Christmas market.

There you have it! My top 5 Christmas markets in Europe! They are truly a must see when visiting Europe during the winter months. Most of the markets run from November to the end of December, meaning you have plenty of time to try all the delicious foods and drinks!

Happy Traveling!

Souvenir Tip:

If you're like me and love Christmas markets, I highly recommend that at every one, you go get mulled wine and keep the mug. The mug designs will vary between each market and even sometimes from year to year. They make great souvenirs and collectibles.

Left: Luxembourg Mug 2018 Right: Budapest Mug 2018
Left: Luxembourg Mug 2018 Right: Budapest Mug 2018

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