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Junior Enterprise: Making an Impression on a Budget


In a day in age when most things are one click away, it is vital for companies to stay relevant within their industry. With the ever-changing data protection policies and people wishing to keep their information more secure, it can create problems for Junior Enterprise (JE) Marketing Departments, especially ones attempting to stay on budget while reaching new clients. These goals may seem far away and difficult at first; however, through organic reach on social media, it can be concluded that it is feasible to reach targeted audiences while maintaining a budget.  

Organic Reach on Social Media

Like most companies, Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) has many social media channels and as part of the JADE network, is easily able to connect to other JEs. As the most widely and international form of communication, social media has the power to connect people from various backgrounds and cultures in a matter of seconds. Not only does social media have the ability to bring people together, but it can also aid JEs by spreading brand awareness and credibility, all for free.


When looking at Facebook, companies should be thinking of two main points: in-house liking and content as king. As JEs know, reaching people on a platform with little to no followers is very difficult, however with in-house liking that number will start to rise. In-house liking means that consultants of the JE like that JE’s page. Moreover, those consultants share the page with their friends, families, and any connection they believe will enjoy the content. Moreover, looking into other JEs within the JADE network will help connect the network even further. Not only is this method completely free, but it is a quick and easy way to increase the page’s like count, which is important for JEs that rely on awareness and credibility. It is also an easy way to stay within the data protection policies and make sure that legally the company is secure.

The second item that Junior Enterprises should remember with Facebook is that content is king. Facebook is a great platform to test what marketing materials work and which ones do not. For example, most marketers know that in 2019 the best type of post is video. This is because videos are quick and easy ways to release information, as well as be entertaining for the viewer. With ever changing phone updates, creating professional looking videos on smartphones is easier and more acceptable than ever before. Moreover, trends play a large role in video productions on Facebook, making it easier for JEs to tailor their content to their viewers; engaging with followers and increasing likes.

Again, the reason these items (in-house liking and content is king) are important is because it can all be achieved cheaply and boost organic engagement with the page. Junior Enterprises should always keep in mind who they want to attract, how they will attract them, and how to retain them. Moreover, how to stay relevant and engaging with potential clients.


Another great social media platform is LinkedIn. With LinkedIn there are three main steps to take: sharing and creating articles, being credible, and becoming an expert. Sharing articles that are similar to the JADE and JE’s mission is a great and cheap way to engage with followers of the page. It also allows for the JE to interact with potential clients by showing them that the JE knows what they are in the business of doing.

Sharing and creating articles also creates a sense of credibility. Being able to express knowledge about a topic or industry is a great way to prove credibility. Moreover, having that article shared and liked by many attests to the JE’s knowledge and ability to speak on a topic. This is very important for JEs since they are in the services industry where clients are actively seeking help. Moreover, this shows potential clients that the JE can be trusted, knows how to handle accounts, and is well known in the industry. Nowadays, if a page does not have many followers, it can come across as a fake account, untrustworthy, or that they are not an active JE. Furthermore, creating in house articles is a great option to maintain small budgets.

Finally, becoming an expert is as easy as continuing to build up the JE’s background, showing that the staff can write credible articles, and that they have worked with brilliant clients in the past. These testimonials will demonstrate how competent the JE truly is; moreover, potential clients will see the enterprise’s articles and trust their work and expertise. They will want the JE to take on their account knowing that things will be done in a reliable and dependable manner.

So, it is clear that even on a budget, LinkedIn can have a huge impact on Junior Enterprises. Through the use of in-house articles, LinkedIn is another platform that will enhance the JE’s credibility and expertise in the industry, something that may seem rare nowadays.


The last important social media platform is Instagram. For this platform, it is important for Junior Enterprises to adhere to these three tips to maintain their budget: follow for a follow, pretty content, and become trendy. It is well known that by following; companies, people, and groups that have similar interests, it is an easy way to receive a follow back. This can only be done properly if the page liked is similar in some aspect, otherwise the followed page may not return the favor. For example, following other JEs, members within the JADE network, and potential clients.

Pretty content means just that. JEs should only be posting “pretty content” on their accounts as this is what is most appealing to today’s audience. For example, nothing too wordy, more videos, and Boomerangs. There are plenty of free to affordable apps and software that anyone can learn how to use with many of the apps being related to a current trend. Remember, the goal is to engage with followers, not bore them to unfollow.

Finally, companies’ Instagram accounts must become trendy. This means more filters, more Boomerangs, and more Instagram stories. Instagram is all about engagement and what is appealing to the viewer’s eyes. Continue to research Instagram trends and see what the social media influencers are doing. On Instagram, JEs have about three seconds or less before people scroll down, so what will make people stop and look. These are the questions JEs need to be asking themselves to be able to better reach clients and followers.


In the end, Junior Enterprises must be able to prove their worth to their current and future clients. It is understandable that JEs have a small budget for marketing, however it can be concluded that it is not necessary to have a large budget to reach a large amount of people. Of course, it would help, but it is not necessary.

By sticking to social media, JEs can truly make a strong and lasting impression; improving brand awareness, credibility, and increasing followers, all for free.

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